European Wasps

Only contact your COUNCIL if you locate a European wasp nest. There are many other types of native wasps which are a natural part of our ecosystem. Once you have located the nest CONTACT your LOCAL COUNCIL.

Finding the NEST

  • In order for the nest to be destroyed YOU need to LOCATE the nest.
  • To find the nest you need to establish the direction the wasps are flying. To do this, place a food source (ie meat or pet food) in a visible location. Once the wasp has collected the food, it will fly IN A DIRECT LINE TO THE NEST. A wasp may be scavenging for food up to 500m from the nest. Keep relocating the food sources in the direction of the nest. You may need to work co-operatively with your NEIGHBOURS.
  • Nests are located where shelter is available. The most common location for nests is UNDERGROUND and nests will be evident by a stream of wasps entering and leaving a hole in the ground. Nests are also found in retaining WALLS, hollows of TREES and wall cavities. The nest is made of grey paper mache type material. Nests constructed of mud are NOT European wasp nests.