Hoarding and Squalor: A South Australian Service and Support Guide assists the general public and service professionals to navigate their way through local services and provides guidance and strategies to use when dealing with instances of Hoarding and/or Squalor.

Before any support or intervention can occur it is imperative to have an understanding of various types of hoarding including:

So, where to from here?

Depending on whether support or information has been accessed previously; are currently receiving assistance or are a service provider depends on the information you will need to access. The information within Making Positive Change provides direction and strategies to support change.

For those who are unsure where to start Finding Your Way may be helpful with questions and answers. 

The Resource page offers recommended guides and literature that may complement supporting the situation of Hoarding and/or Squalor.

Good luck with your journey and remember there are supports available to you 


Your personal circumstances will determine which services you are able to access. 

Start by selecting the category below that most accurately reflects your current situation followed by which area you need support with. 

This resource relies on information sharing; please share your knowledge of services that work directly and indirectly with people experiencing hoarding and/or squalor by notifying us via this link.

This may include any new service or amendments to current services. Thank you 

Translating and Interpreting Service (TIS)

Phone: 13 1450 (24 hour interpreting service)

Website: https://www.tisnational.gov.au/